'House of Cards' season 4 news: New promo implies ominous events for Frank's campaign


Netflix seems to be maximizing the mileage that it can get from the real life presidential elections by timing promos of its hit political drama “House of Cards” in the heat of the campaign period.

After releasing the initial teaser during the CNN GOP debate last Dec. 15, which was presented like a real campaign political ad, the show released its latest promo which hinted that the new season will not fall short on surprises, reported Deadline.

With the scheduled release of season 4 on March 4, a few days after the Democratic Debates, Netflix’s latest promo for the show seemed ominous, but later turned out to be rather innocent.

Titled “Dig”, Frank Underwood and his chief of staff are seen in the groundbreaking of a project witnessed by supporters of his campaign.

The scene may well be a nod to the season 3 finale, and the innocent scene may well be a parallel to what actually happened and its implication on Frank’s campaign.

Based on early reports, there are a lot of things to look forward to.

Among the things to watch out for, according to a report by Pop Sugar, is the entry of Neve Campbell to the cast as a season regular.

Campbell will reportedly play “a power hungry woman set on reaching the top and will achieve some momentum by using Frank and Claire’s damaged relationship.”

The season is also expected to tackle the aftermath of Claire walking out on Frank last season, which has been brewing for some time as their relationship grew more complicated.

There will also be a new couple introduced in the show which may pose as a problem to the tandem of Frank and Claire.

Based on the trailer, it comes as no surprise that Frank and his chief of staff will be thick as thieves again.