'House of Cards' season 4 news: Nathan Darrow talks about his exit from the political drama


Arguably one of the most shocking sequences in this season’s “House of Cards” is the assassination attempt against President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) after delivering his speech.

Fortunately, his trustee U.S. Capitol Police, Edward Meechum (Nathan Darrow) was there to help Underwood. Frank survived but suffered an abdomen shot which left him comatose for quite a while, waiting for a liver transplant. Meechum, on the other hand, was not so lucky as he was fatally shot. However, before actually going down, he was still able to take down the assassin which turned out to be Lucas Goodwin (Sebastian Arcelus).

In a sit down with Entertainment Weekly, Darrow talked about the sudden turn of story for his character and how it was for him knowing that Meechum will not survive until season 5.

“Beau Willimon graciously gave me a call maybe two or three months before we got back together and started working on the fourth season,” Darrow recalled on how he found out that Meechum’s end was near.

“He just said, “This is where the story’s going. There’s going to be an assassination attempt. Meechum’s not gonna make it.’ And that was it.”

Before the shooting, Frank and Meechum even had a quiet but powerful scene together when they decided to draw on the wall of the White House. In all the wrong deeds that Frank did, Meechum has remained loyal to him, Darrow was asked to comment on the complex relationship between the two men and he said:

“I think Meechum kind of touched that sweet, light part of Frank. I mean, that’s how it seems. It doesn’t seem like, even after the threesome scene, that there was this dark, ravenous, “You belong to me” kind of thing [from Frank], or anything like that.”

“House of Cards” is currently streaming on Netflix.