'House of Cards' season 4 news: Claire to seek presidential seat against Frank? show to tackle implication of couple's separation in season 4


As the campaign season heats up for the U.S. presidential elections so is the clamor for more details for the upcoming season of Netflix’s hit political drama “House of Cards.”

Netflix has been hinging recent promos for the show on the real life election season, even framing one of the teaser promos as a political campaign ad for Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood, who, in his fictional world is also running for president. The ad was aired during the GOP debate, so it surprised viewers that Frank Underwood was returning for his fourth season on March 4, TechTimes reported .

Show creator Beau Willimon, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, said that aside from his bid for presidency, Frank will be faced with a possible separation from Claire.

“We had a lot of challenges, not just in terms of what obstacles Frank will face, but also what is the nature of this union between Francis and Claire? Every season we’ve seen them change, evolve, grow deeper, run into conflicts,” he said.

According to Movie News Guide, it is rumored that Claire may even go for the presidential seat herself and oppose her husband’s bid for the Oval Office.

It was also not discounted that Claire may opt to leave and be on her own although it is unsure if this will make her leave the show altogether.

Also expected to be interesting is Doug Stamper’s role in Frank’s campaign.

His loyalty to Frank has been proven in previous seasons, and it remains to be seen to what extent his loyalty will take him as the plot grows more complicated because of politics.

Neve Campbell has also been cast as a series regular and will play a character who is set on piggybacking on Frank and Claire’s damaged relationship to get ahead.