House of Cards season 4 Neve Campbell to spice up political drama; younger and calculating British couple joining show


You may not have seen the cameo of Neve Campbell on Mtv’s Scream TV adaptation but she is not exactly twiddling her thumbs. The actress is slated to join Netflix’s ultra-entertaining and serious series House of Cards. It now makes everyone wonder what Frank and Claire Underwood have in store for the brunette. House of Cards fans are definitely screaming for more details on this recent casting development. Apart from this, a younger Frank and Claire-like couple will be introduced and they are British, reports the International Business Times.

News of Campbell’s inclusion to the show was first reported at Deadline. The decision to cast Campbell is not connected to the other decision to include a younger and equally calculating and ambitious British couple to the show’s dynamic in the upcoming season. But these two recent developments provide a new dimension to the upcoming season after they lost David Fincher from season 2 due to his commitment to other projects.

Show runners are quite careful not to tread into depicting actual political events in the storyline, but the expectations have been set that season 4 is going to be more dangerous than the last season .Season 3 ended on a tension-filled note between Frank and Claire and they seem to be on the edge of a breakup. On the other hand, Doug has regained his original status as Frank’s right hand man and this indicates that sinister and action-filled times are up ahead once more.

Fans and entertainment industry insiders are quite intrigued because no other detail has been provided about Campbell’s regular casting for season 4 of House of Cards. The first three seasons of the political drama show have gained a solid following because of the surprise twists and the memorable characters of the cold and ruthless power couple Frank and Claire, portrayed chillingly and effectively by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.