House of Cards season 4: Colm Feore cast as Neve Campbell's counterpart as the younger rival couple? Showrunner finds it 'surreal' that Obama is a fan


With the production of “House of Cards” currently underway in and around Baltimore, fans of the hit political drama are slowly learning details for season four that are heavily being kept under wraps.

Following an alleged casting call for some medical professionals appearing in next episodes, Deadline reports that Colm Feore known for his antagonist roles in “Gotham,” “Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “Thor” has been added to the cast for a recurring role. Although it is not yet certain if he will become a member of the Underwood team or not, he will play a high-profile character in the White House.

Speculations suggest that he will be one-half of the younger couple that will rival the President and the First Lady. Rumors have it that Neve Campbell as a new series regular will play alongside him as the female contender.

Other information that have been leaked include the possible return of Paul Sparks, Kim Dickens and Lars Mikkelsen.

Meanwhile, showrunner Beau Willimon mentioned that as the original series which started the binge-watching trend in Netflix, they only had a little experience when it comes to television. But partnering with the streaming service has been the “perfect vehicle” thus far.

He also shared his thoughts upon finding out that the Obamas are fans of the show when the president has previously tweeted about it, “It’s incredibly flattering to think that the President of the United States, and the First Lady, would take any of their time out of an extremely busy schedule to watch anything we’ve made. It verges on the surreal. It’s kind of hard to process. I’m thrilled that they remain interested in what we do, and hope that they remain fans.”

He teases that they already have a “pretty good idea” on how the ending of the new season will go.

Season four premieres sometime in 2016.