‘House of Cards’ season 5: EP teases upcoming season’s plot

A promotional image for "House of Cards" (Facebook/HouseofCards)

Terror will loom once “House of Cards” opens its fifth season.

The fourth season ended with U.S. President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) planning an all-out war against terrorism to cover up his corrupt administration. He made a public speech encouraging the people to stand firm in spite of the threats.

The politically ambitious couple — Frank and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) — watched the live video of the terrorists as they put their hostage to death.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Melissa James Gibson claimed that the team plotted the season 5 storyline before President Trump’s win in the 2016 presidential election.

“Sure, the resonance sometimes feels eerie,” Gibson said. “But Trump is an outsider who’s trying to blow up the system, and Francis is the opposite,” she added.

Ironically, the network announced the upcoming season’s premiere date through Twitter on Jan. 20, the same day as Trump’s inauguration. The 28-second video displays the American flag turned upside down. In the background, viewers can hear children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Gibson also said that the “American psyche” serves as the playing ground for season 5. She went on to say that this could serve as a parallel to the real world.

According to Gibson, the season starts with Frank choosing Claire as his running mate in the next election.

“They need each other as much as ever and are constantly navigating the other’s character,” Gibson said. “Francis wasn’t elected president, so this is the real test: What is the will of the people, and can he work his Machiavellian magic on them?” she added.

Adding to the couple’s ordeal would be the presence of Tom Yates (Paul Sparks), the man who had an affair with Claire. The season will also feature the other White House power-hungry couple, Will (Joel Kinnaman) and Hannah Conway (Dominique McElligott).

Michael Kelly will also reprise his role as Doug Stamper, Frank’s ruthless chief-of-staff. Along with Kelly, Neve Campbell will return as Leann Harvey, Claire’s ethically upright adviser.

“House of Cards” season 5 will premiere on May 30 on Netflix.