'Homeland' season 6 spoilers: New York to provide the setting; what impact will Peter Quinn's survival have?


The new season of “Homeland” will be set in New York.

After season 5 took place in Berlin, Germany, the Showtime espionage series will be set in the U.S. Previous seasons were shot in Virginia, Cape Town, South Africa, as well as other locations in the world.

In an interview with Showtime boss David Nevins, aside from New York, there will also be other locations to be explored by the show, but he did not reveal them. He said that the writing team expressed a strong interest to focus on a domestic storyline for this season.

“‘Homeland’ will be shot next year in New York City, in and around New York. It will be set domestically. It will be set primarily in the New York area, but not exclusively,” he said.

Nevins bared that the show may explore recent events in the real world.

He added that season 6 will also answer the question of whether Peter Quinn survived the heart pounding season 5 finale.

“It’s a show that, more than those other shows, attempts to live in the real world. With Homeland, it’s not about playing games, it’s not a supernatural show, there will be no supernatural solution if he should live,” he said.

Showtime programming head Gary Levine, for his part, assured that should Quinn survive in the show, he will no way be the same as before.

In another report by the New York Times, creator Alex Ganza teased that something that was absent in the fifth season will be coming back with a vengeance in season 6, and it will be related to Carrie.

“The fact that she’s [Carrie Mathison] bipolar is central to her character, speaks volumes about how she chooses to live her life, and it’s one that we’ll always come back to every year,” Ganza said.