'Homeland' season 6 plot news, spoilers: Carrie learns to trust Quinn


As seen in the latest episode of “Homeland,” it appears that Carrie (Claire Danes) is starting to trust the psychologically disturbed Quinn (Rupert Friend).

In the 10th episode of season 6, Quinn went to a neighborhood in Queens, New York after tracking down Dar Adal’s (F. Murray Abraham) call. He sneaked into a vacant house and heard people coming in. He hid in the garage and saw a Medina Medley van, the same van that Sekou used, which had exploded.

Carrie and Quinn’s friend followed Quinn to the neighborhood. The latter moved to the house just across the street where the van was parked. Carrie checked on the man on the street.

Meanwhile, Carrie’s confederate, Max (Maury Sterling), found Dar talking to O’Keefe (Jake Weber). He took a video and sent a copy to Carrie. However, a co-worker reported him to their supervisor, and he was taken away.

As for Saul (Mandy Patinkin), he decided to leave the country instead of facing the allegation of his involvement in concealing the Russian mole in Berlin with Dar. He went to Carrie’s house to bid farewell, but she was not there at that time. He managed to enter her home and checked her laptop. He then saw Max’s video.

Elsewhere, the President-elect, Keane (Elizabeth Marvel), saw a video of the last moments of her son, Andrew. She told her advisors to set up a press conference.

For the upcoming episode, Quinn seems very convinced that the man he and Carrie saw across the street was the same guy who stood up near Carrie’s house. He tells Carrie that he has the evidence to prove that it’s the same man who blew up Sekou’s van.

Also, it looks like Saul canceled his escape as he faces Keane and admits that he has some information about her son. However, Max is in trouble. As seen in the teaser video, Dar confronts and warns him about what he is doing.

The 11th episode of “Homeland” season 6 is scheduled to air on April 2 at 9 p.m. EDT on Showtime.