Homeland season 5 spoilers: will filmed be filmed on location in Germany casting ongoing for Carrie's boyfriend Jonas


Leaving off the rather controversial setting and issues arising from its previous season, Homeland season 5 will return the screen on September this year with the story picking up two and a half years after where it left off at season 4. Carrie Mathison, former Islamabad Station Chief, is on a self imposed exile as she is trying to resolve with herself the guilt and experiences from the war on terror.

Spoilers reveal that she already left CIA and is now working with a private security agency and trying to lead a normal life. Fans have seen her with a baby last time and because of the time interval, her daughter, Frannie, is expected to be around four years old during the premiere of the fifth installation. According to Cross Map, she will also be having a boyfriend named Jonas, a German-Jewish Intelligence personnel. It is reported that both characters are currently being casted for. Other characters that are expected to be on screen include a lawyer and a new father figure.

From the Middle East countries shootings done previously, the next season is set to be filmed entirely in Berlin, Germany. Despite the quiet life that Carrie is trying to live, spoilers reveal that Saul and Quinn will come back to run her through with CIA’s agenda in Europe. Despite having vowed herself off the undertaking, it is possible to see her involvement to CIA once again later in the season.

Cross Map mentions that the main villain for the forthcoming season is Otto, while stories will revolve around the Nazi activities and Russian spies.

In a report from Master Herald, David Nevins, President of Showtime, said the story will not focus on the relations of US in the Muslim countries, but ultimately on US foreign policy and American intelligence, portraying the difficulty of the role of US in making sound decisions for the benefit of majority.

Homeland is an American television series adapted from Israeli series Hatufim or Prisoners of War.