'Homeland' season 5 news: Fans gutted about Quinn's death; hope he there is some way he can come back for season 6


Season 5 of Showtime’s highly acclaimed detective drama series “Homeland” has just concluded. It saw the demise of Peter Quinn in the hands of Carrie Matthison.

The 12th episode titled “A False Glimmer” featured Quinn’s declaration of his love to Carrie through a letter as he was still suffering the effects of being exposed to a poisonous gas. Out of mercy, Carrie decided to let him go and unplug the life support system that was keeping him alive.

Although the show’s run wrapped up on a continuous week-to-week high, with the last episode garnering 2.07 million total viewers and 0.7 demographic rating up to 13 percent higher than the previous instalment, the viewers only reportedly gave it an average grade of B-.

According to Mirror UK, the episode was described to be the biggest letdown ever in the history of the show as it killed off one of the favorite characters. Several fans took it to Twitter to voice out their opinion asking if Quinn’s death is really necessary and hope that he gets to survive the ordeal in any way.

Some even shared that they are wishing for his love story with Carrie to continue and ending their arc in the way it has unfolded, is said to be unsatisfying and deserves to have a better alternate conclusion.

Meanwhile, some of the pair’s shippers are still holding on to the possibility that he comes back in the future episodes. They took the official hashtag “#PrayForQuinn” that he may still be alive even though there was a scene with light all around, in which he seemingly passed on to a peaceful place.

Since there is no comment yet from the cast members and production team, the reprisal of his role will remain a mystery presumably until filming for season 6 begins.