'Homeland' season 5 episode 8 spoilers: Carrie may be walking to her death; Peter Quinn gets go signal for mission


In the upcoming episode of “Homeland” titled “All About Allison,” Carrie may be walking to her death.

In the previous episode, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) found out through the files that Otto During (Sebastian Koch) is the reason behind the Russian’s intent to kill her. She is Oriole, referring to the title of the episode, and the code name might have been given to her back when she was involved in the Middle East. Also, she found out through the man whom she was talking to in the phone, Sadir, that Ahmed Nazari, whom they thought dead, is alive. Carrie tried to track Nazari and was eventually able to locate hispossible hideout at his wife’s home in Amsterdam. Later on, she calls Allison (Miranda Otto) and asks her to meet somewhere.

In the promotional video of the upcoming episode, fans will see Carrie disheveled and on the run. As they meet, she begs Allison for help regarding the old field reports, but Allison replies indifferently and insists that the documents are “classified.” As they were talking, a sniper in the background can be seen targeting Carrie. It is possible that the assassin is under the order of Russian intelligence officer, Ivan Krupin (Mark Ivanir), given that earlier in the video, he and Allison were seen waiting in a car. Is this the end of Carrie?

Meanwhile, Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) is also set to comeback as a rogue assassin in the upcoming episode after he was given the go signal for hi mission. In the previous episode, Bibi (Rene Ifrah) offered Peter the job to accompany his men to the border of Syria because of his impressive skills. Peter was adamant at first until he learned that Bibi’s uncle is the deputy emir of Syria. Reckoning that this connection can help them fulfill their mission, he told Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) about what happened, and the latter seems to agree as he gave permission for the mission to continue.

Episode 8 of “Homeland” season 6 will air on Nov. 22.