Hitman release date, gameplay: Video footage of new Hitman game leaks online, gameplayers will have more options


A leaked video of IO Interactive and Square Enix’s assassin franchise Hitman recently surfaced online giving fans a brief look at the gameplay and elements of the newest installment.

The original leak has since been taken down but there are still copies existing in cyberspace.

According to a report by Tech Times, the footage showed Agent 47 in a series of situations that are consistent with the earlier mechanics of the game.

One of the main differences of the new version is that this time, gamers will be given more independence to decide how they will accomplish missions. Still, they will still be getting tips on how to accomplish their goals, especially for the more difficult problems.

According to the same report, IO Interactive’s team is looking to develop more environments similar to Hitman: Blood Money, as well as timed sessions on a limited basis.

While most of the initial feedback from fans seemed positive, the footages still appeared to be on a beta stage.

Meanwhile, a report from iDigitalTimes observed that the 11 minute video looks to be more challenging as it requires more technique and strategy to complete the missions.

The report also indicated that there are five different weapons that were shown, on top of the disguises that Agent 47 may use to complete his missions.

Based on the report, wily gamers can use the different types of environments to their advantage as they can use a variety of practical ways to do away with their enemies or literally keep them in the dark.

The latest Hitman installment will be released December 8 on Playstation 4, Xbox one and PC.