'Hitman' game news: Io Interactive details 'live component'


Io Interactive, game developer for the upcoming “Hitman,” recently revealed the details about their announced “live component” for the game. The list detailed all game modes and special events that will be coming along with itsome of them feature customization, while some feature a gameplay mode that will be either real time or time-limited.

Io Interactive Community Manager Travis Barbour recently posted an extensive update over on the Steam blog talking about the “live component” that would be used in the franchise for the first time in the upcoming game, which “covers many things.”

First off is the Elusive Targets. As described, these are custom-made targets that are added to an existing locations and will only be available for a limited time. One thing to note: the player will only have one shot on the targetif they miss or mess up the kill, the target will escape and will be gone for good. Also, there would be no replays and similar game featureshow the player killed the target would be the final kill. When players kill the wrong person or dies along the way in the mission, that will be the end of it and no second chance would be available.

As for the Escalation Mode, players will be challenged to a contract with a difficulty level that slowly rises after each completionwhich will require mastery of the stage location as well as the mechanics that were used in the stage.

Contracts Mode, on the other hand, will let players create their own targets, contracts, and even details on how to kill them.

Finally, Live Challenges are challenges that require mastery of locations within the game to be able to complete. These challenges will be a “homage to some of the more elaborate, amusing, difficult or creative feats that we see our players complete,” said Barbour.

“Hitman” will release in an episodic format on March 11.