'Hitman' game news: Game officially announced to go episodic


The upcoming and newest “‘Hitman'” game from Io Interactive will be released in an episodic format through 2016 but keeps on the promise that the game would cost only $60 and nothing more. Likewise, no microtransactions would ever come to the game.

In the “New Year Update” from the game’s official website, Io Interactive revealed that they had made significant progress with the game so far, to the point that it now feels like a genuine “Hitman” game. Also, with the game’s release coming only two months from now, the beta testing period was announced to open next month on Feb. 12. Along with the announcement of the game progress and the beta schedule, the game developer also made a vital announcement about their release plans.

“Now, we’ve always said we won’t put anything out until it’s ready,” Io Interactive said. “That means what we release has to hit the quality level you have come to expect from a ‘Hitman’ game. To ensure that level of quality, we made a big decision on how we’re releasing ‘Hitman.’ After a lot of consideration, we decided to take the full leap and publish ‘Hitman’ as a truly episodic game experience with a major live component. It’s not a decision we’ve taken lightly and we fully acknowledge that the decision may frustrate some players. But it is a shift that we believe will ensure the best possible foundation for this game and the future of ‘Hitman.'”

With that, the game that will be released on March 11 will include the Prologue and Paris chapters. New locations will be released every month after thatItaly in April Morocco in May and will conclude in Japan for the year of 2016.

The game upon release, the Intro Pack, would cost $15, and an additional $10 for every new update thereafter. Players can also opt to buy the Full Experience pack, containing the complete updates as it gets released for a price of $60. Io will also release a disc version of the full complete game at the end of the year.