Hit video game 'Rocket League' releasing a retail collector's edition in Q3


The indie video game “Rocket League” was considered a surprise hit in 2015. According to a report in Tech Times, four million digital releases of the game have been made so far. Developed by Psyonix and digitally published by the same company, the game features rocket-powered cars in a game of soccer, instead of humans as players. It was released via digital downloads for Microsoft Windows and the PS4 in July 2015 and for the Xbox One in February 2016.

Fans of the game have more reason to be excited this 2016 as the game is getting a physical retail release sometime during the third quarter of the year, according to Tech Times. The release will be a Collector’s Edition of the game, which will not only include a physical copy of the game, but will also have with it all three previously-released DLC packs. The hard copy of the game will be published by 505 Games. 

In addition to the DLC packs, namely “Supersonic Fury,” “Revenge of the Battle-Cars” and “Chaos Run,” there will also be exclusive “retail-only” content which has yet to be announced. Psyonix, in their official announcement of the edition, said “The final product will also include some cool, retail exclusive goodies that we’ll go into detail about closer to release.”

However, the Collector’s Edition will only be released for the console versions of the game – the PS4 and the Xbox One.

The Xbox One version of the game arrived in February 2016 and the developer has also released two additional DLCs for it since then, namely the “Halo Warthog” and the “Dawn of Justice Batmobile.”

According to Tech Times, the developer is boasting of a 12-million player community, while promising that it will continue to support the game in the future. On Steam, the game was the fifth bestselling game in 2015, going against other big leaguers such as “Metal Gear Solid V” and “The Witcher 3.”

No pricing has been announced for the special retail edition. The game is slated to receive its next DLC, “Batman v Superman Car Pack” on March 8.