'High School Musical 4' release date, spoilers, news: Will the original cast appear?


“High School Musical 4” is definitely happening. That much is true. After the announcement from Disney, E! Online also reported that the studio was looking for five new leads for the film. That was months ago. Did they get the right people for the roles already? So far Disney has kept the lid shut and there hasn’t been any news on who’s going to be in the sequel.

But somehow, people just can’t get enough of the original cast. Take one look at the rumor mill and anyone can see that the fans want to see them return for this film. The question is: Will they come back at all? Has Disney negotiated with them? Fans have suggested that the old cast members can return as teachers or mentors, but those are just suggestions. Disney did not say anything about bringing them back.

Right now, several reports have been saying that Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have split up because Butler was reportedly jealous that Hudgens’ ex-boyfriend, Zac Efron, is going to be in the film. Okay, this rumor is already a few months old and it has never been verified. If their relationship is really that bad, gossip publications like TMZ would have reported it by now. There’s even talk of Taylor Swift replacing Hudgens because their breakup has affected her acting skills. Right.

Efron and Hudgens’ names have been thrown around for months now, and until now, Disney has yet to confirm anything. Yes, fans want to see the original cast. That is understandable. There is certainly nostalgia involved and those guys were good. But is it possible to get all of them to appear on screen?

Gack Hollywood doesn’t think so. The media outlet pointed out that Efron did not even attend the 10th-anniversary special that aired earlier this year on the Disney Channel.

Fans might as well enjoy watching the talented young actors and actresses who are going to be part of the East High Wildcats. If any of the original cast members do appear, then consider that a bonus. Right now, it’s time for the new guys to shine.