Heroes Reborn new spoilers: Zachary Levi and Masi Oka hint at what to expect; new evil corporation stir things up


Two generations of superheroes have shared their thoughts on the upcoming reboot season, “Heroes Reborn” to prepare the fans for its premiere on September 24.

Zachary Levi who plays Luke told TV Guide that the show picks up five years after the end of the parent series, with a massive incident happening in Odessa, Texas where many people died and people with abilities were blamed.

He teases that Luke and Joanne Collins are affected “very personally, very deeply, very gravely and so they take it upon themselves to try and ride their own ship while simultaneously doing what they think is a favor to the world by eliminating people with abilities.”

Masi Oka who is known for his role as the joyful Hiro Nakamura also revealed that this time around, “is a little bit not as ‘Ya-ta!’ kind of goofy hero” for his character but a little more matured version.

“I grew out a ponytail and gained a few pounds,” he added.

When asked what kind of powers he wanted to have, Oka answered “absorbing powers” like Sylar, “You can just absorb anything! Just take everything whenever you want. I feel like reading people’s minds today, I’ll take that. I’ll feel like being invisible today, oh I’ll do that. You can do whatever you want,” he humorously explained.

In a separate interview with TV Guide, Jack Coleman hinted that although his role as Noah Bennett will no longer be the loyal man to Primatech Company, there will be a new organization that poses threats to the heroes. He said that the antagonist will not be as it appears.

He also mentioned that it will be up to him to bring back the entities with extraordinary abilities known as “Evos” from going underground when they are hunted by different groups including the government, “I would say [Noah’s] mostly looking out for our heroes, but always leaves some wiggle room for some bad behavior,” Coleman seemingly cautions the viewers.