Heroes Reborn cast spoilers: cheerleader Claire Bennet's death plays into next season's plot; Zachary Levi hopes show wins back original fan base


During its original run in 2001, Heroes was known for its slogan, “Save the Cheerleader, save the world,” however with the reboot “Heroes Reborn” hitting the small screen on September 24, it has been revealed that Claire Bennet did not make it.

Creator Tim Kring said during Television Critics Association press tour that Hayden Panettiere’s role will be like the catalyst that sets off the motion for the new limited series, “In the real world of the story, [Claire Bennet] died a year prior to our story starting. That gets into some of the mythology that’s attached to the original show.”

Stating that the Heroes Reborn is not made to wrap up loose ends when the parent show was cancelled, he explained that they are treating the new series somehow as the 10th season, “We’re saying the exact amount of time that [‘Heroes’ has] been off, is the amount of time the story moved… as if there were stories in between. I’d always wanted to tell the story of what happened in that time.”

Kring also mentioned that Bennet’s dad Noah also known as HRG, played by returning actor Jack Coleman, will be a central character. He will help the heroes in hiding after the attack in Odessa, Texas, to come back and abolish new threats.

Meanwhile, newcomer to the show Zachary Levi who plays Luke voices out his hopes that the series will resonate to the original fan base as a “redemption,” “I want them to feel like they got more, they got a new chapter of something that they really loved and it kind of made its way back to its roots,” he further explained.

Moreover, in preparation for the two-hour premiere special, new trailer has been recently released giving the viewers the first look of both old and new generations of superheroes.