'Heroes of The Storm' news: New patch update adds Dehaka new Battleground, and more


Blizzard Entertainment recently released a new patch update for their hit MOBA game “Heroes of The Storm.” The update introduced a new Battleground arena, a new Hero, an extensive range of fixes, changes, and updates in the user interface, in-game shop, overall gameplay, and Hero gameplay mechanics.

In the patch update posted by Blizzard, the new Battleground was revealed to be the Lost Cavern. In the Lost Cavern, players only fight in an arena with only one lane, with the goal of destroying the enemy Core and nothing more. The following are more details listed by Blizzard:

  • Lost Cavern has no Mercenary Camps, and just one objective: Battle through the opposing Fort, Keep, and Core to claim victory.
  • Players cannot use Hearthstone and will not heal at the allied Hall of Storms.
  • Corridors on either side of the lane contain neutral Regeneration Globes, which will respawn regularly throughout the game.

The update also welcomes the addition of the Hero Dehaka, the Primal Pack Leader, all the way from the “StarCraft” franchise. Dehaka is a Warrior-type Hero. His basic abilities include: Drag, where Dehaka lashes out with his tongue, dealing only light amount of damage, but dragging the unfortunate enemy along the way for at least around 1.75 seconds; Dark Swarm, where he gains the ability to move through units, deal damage in an area around him for a span of three seconds, and deal twice as much damage to enemy Heroes in this state; and Burrow, where Dehaka burrows to the ground, goes into Stasis, and becomes Invulnerable for a span of two seconds.

For his heroic Abilities, Dehaka has Isolation and Adaptation. Isolation lets the Hero deal damage, silence, and slow the first enemy it hit by 30 percent for a span of three seconds. The enemy also loses sight of his allied Heroes and will have reduced vision for a span of six seconds. Adaptation, on the other hand, once activated, will last for a span of five seconds. After that, 60 percent of all damage taken within the five-second period will be gained by Dehaka as Health.

The full patch notes list various changes in UI, gameplay, Hero mechanics, and fixes on known and reported bug issues.