'Heroes of the Storm' news: new matchmaking system intended to be rolled out in coming weeks on top of newest characters and battlefield


In the recently held BlizzCon 2015, Heroes of the Storm will be having new additions including three new characters, a new Arena mode, and Towers of Doom battlefield.

The three new characters include Lunara, a dryads ranged assassin, a Worgen warrior called Grey Mane, and warrior assassin, Cho ‘Gall. The game will have a new Arena mode, where five-on-five bests each other to win three games in the battle. At the start of the game, the players need to choose one among the three random heroes. As they enter the arena, they get to choose the heroic abilities that will enable them to destroy the Garden Terrors and capture Temples as they make their way to their opponent’s field. Players will be transferred to the next Arena once a Core has been destroyed. On the other hand, the Tower of Doom will have Cores barricaded and can be destroyed only by using the Altars from town. This battleground will feature Raven and the Grave Keeper.

Aside from these new features, a new matchmaking system will also be introduced for Heroes of the Storm before the year ends. Adapted from the system of Star Craft 2, this matchmaking system will improve by queuing people of similar skills, without the compromise in waiting time. In the simulation, game director Dustin Browder said that this intended change is seeing better matches and more balanced bouts, notes Polygon. They are expecting to roll this over in the next two to three weeks, but emphasized that this is not a promise. He added, “Anything could happen in software, but this is our top priority,” notes the same report.

Meanwhile, Heroes of the Storm recently concluded their first ever tournament in the same conference where a team from North America, Cloud9, surprisingly emerged as winners over the crowd’s guess of either a Korean team or a Chinese team.