'Heroes of the Storm' patch notes: New character Cho'Gall can't be bought with in-game gold or real money


“Heroes of the Storm” has released a new character named Cho’Gall along with its latest patch update. Cho’Gall is a composite of two players, Cho or Gall, playing together as one hero.

An initial review from Polygon’s Philip Kollar deemed the character an oddity, in looks and in essence, as it has two heads and needs to be controlled by two players at once. This calls for a lot of synchronicity and teamwork as each player is in charge of each head.

Unlike other characters in “Heroes of the Storm,” Cho’Gall cannot be purchased by in-game gold or real money, making his unlocking a challenge in itself. In order to access the character, players need to complete a brand new event quest or partner with someone who already has him in their roster.

According to the Battle.Net Blog, however, players who attended the BlizzCon 2015 or purchased a virtual ticket will also receive Cho’Gall in their hero collections. 

Individually, players can play Cho, whose skills include surging fist, consuming blaze, rune bomb, and hero abilities like hammer of twilight and upheaval. Meanwhile, Gall features Shadowflame, Dread Orb, Runic Blast, and heroic abilities like Twisting Nether and Shadow Bolt Volley. Both characters are permanently attached to each other even if they are played in single player mode.

Based on the latest update, Blizzard has announced that the “Hallow’s End Special Quest” will no longer be accessible and may no longer be bought from the in-game shop.

New battlegrounds like the Towers of Doom, wherein players need to battle the Grave Keeper and the Raven Lord to keep villains from conquering the territory, were also announced. Players would have to wait for this to become available as it is still in the process of concluding its PTR phase.