'Heroes of The Storm' Double XP event is back, new PTR out now


For players of Heroes of The Storm who were disappointed by the last 100% Bonus XP event, Blizzard took action and reassured players that their lost time would be made up for.

In their official announcement, they recognized the disappointment felt by players and ensured that they are on top of the matter.

“As many of you are aware, our recent 100% XP Bonus event ended a day earlier than we had originally communicated. We’ve seen quite a bit of disappointment over this, as well as a progression issue that affected players in Europe, and we’d like to apologize for any frustrations these things have caused. In order to return some of this bonus time to you, we’re planning to offer an additional 100% XP Bonus event that will span an entire weekend.”

The said event will start in the America region at 1 pm PDT on Thursday, July 2, and 1 pm elsewhere in the world (respective local time). The event ends 1 pm PDT on Monday, July 6.

In other news, following the launch of the new character Johanna, a new Diablo-themed map was released on the game’s public test realm last June 23, which will be fully released on June 30. The new map, called Battlefield of Eternity is a two-lane map where each side of heroes will defend an Immortal, while seeking to kill the other side’s own Immortal. Once an Immortal is killed, the killing team’s Immortal will begin pushing towards the enemy line.

The Butcher was also announced as a character, with his Butcher’s Brand passive having him mark a target and heal himself with 75% of the damage dealt from attacks to that character.

Other new features and contents releases include a new Special Event Quest called Kill A Treasure Goblin!, new Mercenaries, new Battlegrounds, and fixes and improvements for various Heroes and as well as for the game’s overall  system fixes.

For the full patch notes, check them out here.