Hello Kitty movie update: Sanrio bringing movie to theaters in 2019


Hello Kitty is a branding overachiever that recently celebrated her 40<sup>th anniversary as a Sanrio character and now she is going to be the next movie star. It’s her turn to try to tackle the red carpet and be the next film blockbuster as she takes on a huge $240 million budget for Sanrio’s latest film offering that is slated for a 2019 release.

The half-cat, half-girl that is popular the world over may actually beat the budget that was used for other famous films such as Jurassic World. This movie will also signal her entry into lifestyle entertainment according to the official press document of the company.

Nikkei Asian Review reveals that it is undertaken under the helm of Sanrio managing director Rehito Hatoyama, CEO of the new Sanrio unit in Delaware that will manage this film.

And Sanrio will not be stopping the fun with Hello Kitty. Other characters in Sanrio Town such as Bad Badtz Maru and Little Twin Stars may be having their own titles as well.

A few months shy of this announcement of the 2019 film, the Sanrio Hello Kitty official Facebook page dished out additional details that fans did not know about Hello Kitty. One of the most controversial ones was the admission that Hello Kitty was not an ordinary cat, but a hybrid human cat with her own pet cat named Charmmy Kitty.

Prior to this film, Hello Kitty had several TV series under her belt and was even used to do parodies of famous fairytales and stories like Alice in Wonderland and the Star Wars trilogy. Sanrio experienced considerable financial losses in its previous fiscal year because of the success of rival products like that of Disney’s Frozen merchandise. Despite this, she still has her own cult following especially among the kids who grew up in the 1990s.