'Hearthstone' updates: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion evens out the playing field, shakes up old strategies with new decks


The recently-ended BlizzCon 2016 that took place last Nov. 4 to 5 has increased the hype and interest in its games. One of the biggest announcements during the said event is arguably the launch of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion pack for Blizzard Entertainment’s renowned card strategy game, “Hearthstone.”

One of the most noticeable improvements that can be anticipated from the expansion set is the increased potency of the Priest deck, which was argued to be the worst of the nine classes in “Hearthstone.” Polygon has pointed out some of the few cards from the new 132-set that can work to the Priest’s advantage, signaling that the era of Priest memes may be nearing its end.

The said flaw for the Priest deck has been seen even in past and present BlizzCon tournaments. In both previous and current years, only one viable Priest deck was seen, where most would favor Tempo Mages, Dragon Warriors and Malygos Druids.

Mashable reports that there was one notable Priest deck played by Zhuo Wang for the current year’s tournament, but was unfortunately unable to reach the quarterfinal matchups. The only reason it was noticed is that fact that it was an underpowered deck compared to other classes, yet it was a surprising play.

“Hearthstone” senior designer Matt Place mentioned in an interview with Polygon that “changing the meta is always a major focus in an expansion, especially by the final design team.” Such is being seen in few cards introduced during the BlizzCon, and a lot can be expected from the new expansion pack.

Aside from class balances, Yahoo Sports also identified improvements that the expansion will likely bring to the gameplay. The games can be a lot speedier now that stronger minions are available for a cheaper cost. More Discover cards will definitely shake up strategies for players, lessening the influence of luck, rather more on decisive gameplay.