Hearthstone: 'The Grand Tournament' new card revealed; now available for pre-order


The Grand Tournamentis coming to Hearthstone!

Following patch update, players can now pre-purchase the special Grand Tournament pre-order pack, which contains 50 of the 132 cards from The Grand Tournament expansion pack. Not only that, it also comes with a new card back design. All these are offered by Blizzard for $49.00.

Players who will purchase the pack will be having it sealed for the meantime until the official release date of the expansion. However, the new card back design can be used immediately.

This special pre-order offer can only be availed of once per account, and regular pricing will apply afterwards starting from the release date.

A new keyword will also be introduced into the game by the new expansion pack, which is called Inspire.

“Inspire” is activated after a player uses a Hero Power, and it affects all minions on the player’s side that have the “Inspire” keyword on them. With the “Inspired” keyword, minions can gain varied effectfrom gaining additional attack, bonus stats, applied effects, to calling forth additional allies to the player’s side. 

As for the previous patch update, aside from adding The Grand Tournamentpre-order pack in stores, here are the full patch notes:

  • Improvements have been made to Spectator Mode which include resolving the issue that could cause a card with a “Choose One” option to become stuck on screen
  • Fixed an issue with Rexxar’s golden hero portrait animation
  • [Android] Players can once again change their favorite card back
  • [Android] Android OS 5.0.X (Lollipop) users will now automatically import the Battle.net Authenticator code when logging in
  • [iOS] The game will no longer freeze on the splash screen after being away for a while
  • [iOS] Players can once again search for cards that contain diacritics without specifying their proper marks
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue with volume sliders
  • [Mobile] Players will no longer get stuck on the matchmaking screen after a Tavern Brawl with a friend
  • Various audio, graphical, and UI issues have been resolved

The Grand Tournament expansion pack releases on August.