‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 8 release date, plot speculations: Key characters to leave the team?

A promotional image for Hawaii Five-0 (Facebook/HawaiiFive0CBS)

Season 7 of the hit action TV series “Hawaii Five-0” came to an explosive finale. However, questions still began to swirl about some of the show’s key characters.

The Five-0 team recently completed a daring rescue mission that involved saving 10 girls from a human trafficking den. After this, some members of the team found themselves moving in different directions. A report from The Christian Post pointed out that Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) is starting to realize that their recent triumph was nothing compared to the magnitude of the human trafficking problem that goes beyond their jurisdiction.

Her thoughts came as she rode a plane headed towards Carson City, Nevada. Her destination is reportedly where a human trafficking stronghold lies. Since the end of the seventh season, fans have speculated that Kona might choose to leave the team and continue fighting crime beyond her comfort zone.

Another character in the spotlight is protagonist Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). Currently, McGarrett is facing some health concerns with possible serious ramifications. Previously, McGarrett confessed to Danny Williams (Scott Caan) that he was exposed to radiation poisoning while dealing with a bomb a few months back.

On the flipside, O’Loughlin floated the idea of directing one of the upcoming episodes of the show. In an interview with Collider, the actor said his familiarity with the show opens up the door for a directing stint in the next season. “I will be directing an episode in Season 8, if we make it that far,” shared the 40-year-old Australian actor.

“I’m here, every day, and I think all of us have a say in the way that it’s going to go, on that day. We all know how the show is shot and how to tell the story. It won’t be that foreign for me to sit in that chair,” he added.

He even noted that he might be even better at directing than acting. However, fans can only know when they watch the episode he directed.

“Hawaii-Five-0” will return for an eighth season later this year.