'Hawaii Five-0' season 7 spoilers, rumors: new photos suggest McGarrett could be in trouble again


There are quite a few rumors about CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” coming to an end after season 7. But judging by the recent developments in the new season, it looks pretty certain that the police procedural television remake isn’t closing shop. And similar to the build-up for the previous seasons, lead character Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) is once again putting his life in danger.

TV Line recently revealed a couple of photos which appear to have been taken on set where McGarrett is pictured running in the first photo, while the second one showed him lying on the pavement with what appears to be blood on his chest. Well, that’s one very good way to kick-start and fuel interest and attention to the upcoming season.

According to Cartermatt, the fact that the second photo showed McGarrett on the ground with blood is a reminder that the stubborn commander has not really learned his lesson after he almost got killed in the previous season. Thanks to a kidney donation by his buddy, Danny (Scott Caan), he got a second chance at life. Nonetheless, he’s back at it again.

McGarrett is indeed in serious trouble once again, but as the previous seasons will tell, there really is no turning back for him as he has built a reputation over the years of catching bad guys even when his own life and safety is at stake. Well, isn’t that the kind of thing all police procedurals are about?

And after cheating death in season 6, it looks like Danny has had enough of McGarrett’s suicidal tendencies when chasing bad guys. Executive producer Peter M. Lenkov told TV Line that there will be a portion of next season that focuses on Danny helping McGarrett to realize it’s not always worth it to risk his life every single time.

“There is an arc with Danny trying to get McGarrett to slow down a bit and appreciate the fact that he’s been given a second chance or fifth chance, maybe six, based on all the stuff he’s gone through in the series,” Lenkov said.

It’s good to hear that someone is genuinely concerned about McGarrett, but if it means there will be less action come next season then fans might as well just want to see him do what he wants and just pray someone else will save him once again.

Season 7 of “Hawaii Five-0” is scheduled for a Sept. 23 premiere on CBS.