'Hawaii Five-0' season 6 episode 6 spoilers: Halloween special sees Frankenstein-like killer on the loose


“Hawaii Five-0” will get into the mood for the holiday weekend as it is set to air a Halloween special on its sixth episode slated to air on Friday. 

According to its official synopsis, as noted by Carter Matt“It’s Halloween in O’ahu, and Five-0 must track down a serial killer inspired by Frankenstein. Also, Jerry calls Five-0 for help when an armed gang raids a blood bank, and Danny must track down Grace who lied and snuck out to a Halloween party.”   

In detail, this could imply that the serial killer on the loose will liken its victims to Dr. Frankenstein’s work, possibly torn limbs and organs, notes Latin Post, similar to how the novel’s monster worked. 

On the other hand, Jerry (Jorge Garcia) will be fully engaged in helping the people at the blood bank after robbers threaten them. He will also ask for help from Five-0, said Christian Today, but this may divide the team’s attention attention that they need in searching for the serial killer on the loose. 

Meanwhile, Danny (Scott Caan) will face the challenges of fatherhood as Grace (Teilor Grubbs) lied and skived off for a Halloween party. Despite its mood, the episode should also infuse some comedy and fun into the show, especially since the first few episodes started a bit serious. 

Last week, the show aired its fifth episode titled “Ka Alapahi Nui” which, when translated, means “Big Lie.” In the episode, not only did the Five-0 team probe stunt biker gang members to look for a killer who has gotten away through an action-packed roof top escape, but they also confronted the Tough Mudder Competition and tried to win it. 

Season 6 episode 6, “Na Pilikua Nui,” is set to air on Oct. 30 on CBS. Meanwhile, episode 7 called “Na Kama Hele” or “Day Trippers” will air the following week, to be followed by “Piko Pau ‘iole,” which means “The Artful Dodger.”