Hannibal season 3 updates Bedelia and Hannibal soak up life in Italy, Armitage plays Red Dragon in Tooth Fairy character


For something that is airing soon, information on critically acclaimed Hannibal has been scant but devoured by fans worldwide. But the recent trailer did not disappoint. DNA India reports that the character Francis Dolarhyde was presented in the recent trailer as the Tooth Fairy or the new serial killer on the block for the third season. The character is portrayed by Richard Armitage. Scenes were also featured showing Bedelia and Hannibal in Europe, and potentially may unveil other layers of Hannibal’s personality apart from the bloodbath.

Armitage did not know of the significance of his role until he read the book Red Dragon. With his presence, show runner Bryan Fuller ensures that NBC viewers are up for a sufficiently gory and visually appealing summer with new chops from the third season of Hannibal, a horror and drama series that explore the relationship and exploits of FBI special investigator Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen).

The Christian Post also reports that the relationship between Hannibal and his captive/shrink Bedelia will be explored with more detail in the third season. The previous two seasons focused on the dynamic between the anti-hero Hannibal and Graham. There is also considerable build up on the first season on the ability and chemistry of the two guys to track serial killers without Graham knowing that Hannibal is also a serial killer which explains his instinctive prowess in tracing criminals. This upcoming season will not be bereft of bloodbath and gore but will have other interesting and fresh spins on the character.

There are 13 episodes per season, with its third slated for airing this June 4, 2015. Filming for the third season had two major settings in Toronto, Canada and Florence, Italy; the entire season will lift portions from the books Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon but will provide a different origin story as reported previously by Entertainment Weekly.