Hannibal Season 3 spoilers: new season draws heavily from Thomas Harris novels; Hannibal and Bedelia settle into new life in Italy


NBC will air the first episode of the third season of its hit series, “Hannibal,” on June 4 and has released a synopsis for the episode.

According to Screen Crush, the synopsis stated that Dr. Hannibal Lecter has escaped the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and has flown to Europe with Bedelia du Maurier in tow. The pair has settled into a new identity and life in Florence, Italy but Hannibal will continue to be bothered by his old habits.

The synopsis also revealed that a new character, the Tooth Fairy, will be introduced in the season. There will also be flashbacks to explain Hannibal’s relationship with Bedelia and to connect the new season with the previous two runs.

Zachary Quinto and Eddie Izzard will guest star in the first episode, Screen Crush added.

The Latino Post stated that the story in the third season will become “richer and more complex” without the involvement of the FBI.

In addition, TV.com said that the significant time jump from the finale of Season 2 will not reveal to viewers the fate of the main characters in the previous two seasons, for the time being. Instead, the series’ executive producer said that the first episode of Season 3 will focus on Hannibal and Bedelia alone.

“You don’t see any of the other characters. It’s Hannibal and Bedelia. It’s the Talented Mr. Lecter and how they live under aliases and how they are navigating away from the FBI,” Crossmap quoted Fuller as saying.

Fuller also said in the Crossmap article that the first episode will further develop Bedelia’s character through flash backs.

Ecumenical News revealed that the third season will draw heavily upon sources in all three of Thomas Harris’ novels on Hannibal. The news site stated that early episodes in the third season will take on origin stories found on “Hannibal Rising,” and that the series will draw more from “Red Dragon” in the second half of the season.