Hannibal movie: Showrunner Bryan Fuller hopeful movie can be financed; sees Ellen Page as potential Clarice Starling


With the season finale of “Hannibal” seeing Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter creating an allegiance to take down Francis Dolarhyde also known as the Red Dragon, showrunner Bryan Fuller has divulged some details on the thought process for the poetic scene and another possible movie adaptation.

When the two successfully eliminated the antagonist, Hannibal and Will ended up on the verge of cliff with the former saying to the latter, “This is all I ever wanted for you,” and then they went into the water and the credit rolls in.

Fuller said that the open-ended part was intentional, with Will realizing that “he couldn’t go back so he had to go over the edge.”

Asked if he feels like there is a need to wrap up the story line with a movie, he answered, “I feel like if Will Graham did survive that plunge, his most interesting chapter is yet to be told. There is something in the novel Hannibal that has not been done in any of the adaptations and I would love to explore that.”

Hinting that hopefully executive producer Martha De Laurentiis can get the movie financed, it may be green lighted one or two years from now with Ellen Page as the possible incarnation of Jodie Foster’s iconic role as Clarice Starling. He added that it is also possible that they get a non-white actress and “use race experientially as a defining attribute of the character,” The Hollywood Reporter shares.

In a separate interview with HitFix, Fuller mentioned that the odds of the movie coming to theaters depends on the audience and their reaction to the finale whether they are satisfied with it or would want more, “I think [the odds are] less than 50/50, and not in our favor. But if the audience is still there for the show and still wants a continuation of that story, I’ll continue looking for ways to give it to them.”

He concluded that it seems perfectly symmetrical to bring Hannibal back to the big screen after they have made a miniseries from “Silence of the Lambs.”