Hannibal Cancelled by NBC: may be streamed by Amazon or Netflix instead; Showrunner moves on to TV adaptation of American Gods


It looks like the prequel of the lambs has been silenced on TV for now.

After Hannibal suffered from poor ratings despite positive reviews, NBC is finally pulling the plug on the show after its third season, reported The Hollywood Reporter.Ratings for the show reportedly plummeted to 1.66 million viewers when it was pitted against the NBA finals. Prior to that, it had 2.5 millions viewers when it went back on air last June 4.

It seems as the cult following developed by the show was not enough to save it but fans have not given up entirely after hearing the bad news.

Fans are now begging for alternative options like streaming networks to save the show, reported Deadline.

According to IGN, there are floating rumors that Amazon has first dibs on Hannibal. But until this is confirmed, other streaming giants like Netflix may also throw their hat into the list of options to save the show. Hardcore fans have been imploring in social media and comments for this to happen.

The quest for a new home for the show has also been confirmed by showrunner Bryan Fuller and executive producer Martha DeLaurentiis on Twitter.

DeLaurentiis tweeted: “we are exploring other options for future seasons. #Hannibal.” They also echoed the same sentiment in an interview with Buzzfeed Entertainment.

It was said that apart from the ratings issue, there was also the issue of character rights not being available for Clarice Starling for season 4, which was originally planned by the showrunners to be incorporated into the story.

Fuller graciously issued a statement of optimism in the midst of the slump: “Hannibal is finishing his last course at NBC’s table this summer, but a hungry cannibal can always dine again. And personally, I look forward to my next meal with NBC.”

Fuller reportedly has another development deal lined up with NBC for the television adaptation of American Gods.