'Halo Wars 2' release date, news: New trailer released at The Game Awards 2016


It has been a while now since “Halo Wars 2” was first announced, but with its release date almost upon everyone after two years of waiting, Xbox has just released a new trailer that will perhaps satisfy the curiosity of players at the least.

According to NeoWin, the trailer will feature another glimpse at the villain of the upcoming game, Atriox. After all, a few months ago “Halo Wars 2” had a number of trailers, as well as the beta that gave players some idea of what to expect for the game. Regardless, the RTS game’s trailer was featured during the 2016 Games Awards event hosted by Geoff Keighley.

The Xbox YouTube Channel features the same trailer, and it covers the basic backstory of the villain Atriox and his ascension to gain dominion over the Banished outside the Covenant’s territories. Long story short, Atriox was once a slave, a Brute that committed war crimes during his time in the Covenant.

As a result of this, he was supposed to be executed by the high command, but instead of that, he killed those who thought were controlling him. Within the Covenant, his cunning wit and skills in strategy were unmatched. With this, he became the leader of a group of loyal warriors that will do anything for his cause.

Ultimately, Atriox was able to establish himself and the Banished as an army without any nation. It is also pointed out by Cinema Blend that Atriox was able to gain possession of one of the most powerful weapons in the “Halo” universe. Couple that with an army of relentlessly brutal mercenaries, Atriox aims to gain control of the entire galaxy.

“Halo Wars 2” was thought to be quite shallow, but with a more compelling cinematic trailer, it is expected to get more fans by the time it gets launched on February 21, 2017.