'Halo: The Master Chief Collection': penalties for quitters, betrayers, and idle players in upcoming update


Halo: The Master Chief Collection is set to receive a patch update anytime soon, and it will address trolls and quitters in the game with painful consequences.

As detailed by developer 343 Industries, the latest update for The Master Chief Collection has just gone into certification and can be expected to be available anytime soon.

The new update focuses on implementing a new matchmaking penalties system, aiming to take action against players who quit, betray, or are idle during a game.

Players who leave the game in the middle of a match (after matchmaking voting begins) way before it finishes will be getting a ranking deduction, as well as a penalty to their Xbox One reputation. Additionally, players who quit, betray, or are idle for a certain frequency on a certain period of time within a game will be sanctioned with a temporary ban in matchmaking.

Since the ban is only temporary, it will be lifted shortlyand also, it is worth noting that 343 did not mention anything pertaining to a permanent ban. However, if the player continues to repeat this “negative behavior” within the game, a temporary ban will be given once more. And the more frequent these offenses occur, the longer the length of the “temporary” ban gets.

For the full list of changes that the update will bring, go here.

343 also recently revealed the complete Achievements available for Halo 5: Guardians on launch, consisting of 65 different awards which, when all completed, consists of a total 1000 Gamerscore.

The list of achievements consists of the most basic ones like completing Missions, clearing maps, defeating bosses, and the like to the easiest and to the hardest ones to accomplish.

Finding and claiming all Intel in the game will award the player the “Hunt The Truth” achievement, equivalent to 40 Gamerscore points. Finishing the game on Heroic difficulty also awards 40 Gamerscore points, and unlocks the “Heroes Rise” achievements.

Feeling like a pro? Finish the game on Legendary difficulty and unlock the “Forging a Legend” achievement, with 60 Gamerscore points. Feeling like a real legend now? Clear the game on Legendary difficultyall aloneand get the highest Gamerscore award for a single achievement on the game: “Lone Wolf”, for 100 Gamerscore points.