‘Halo 6’ news: Release date still unknown, LAN support confirmed

A promotional image for "Halo 5: Guardians," for Xbox One. (Xbox official website)

After unveiling the Xbox One X in E3, Microsoft still remained mum on the release date of a highly-anticipated game.

As expected, there was no announcement of sorts from either Microsoft or developer 343 Industries for “Halo 6.” What came out, however, was a tweet from one of 343’s founders, Bonnie Ross, in response to a fan comment. “Team back at 343 heads down on next big Halo-it is good, but not ready to announce yet. New HW2 in Daily Show tomorrow,” Ross tweeted.

A report from Game Rant said that despite 343 Industries announcing early on that “Halo 6” will not be ready for E3 2017, fans were still disappointed that nothing was shown even in a small capacity. Dissecting the 343 boss’ post, it can be said that the game is really being polished, regardless if it will be “Halo 6” or not.

Meanwhile, The Christian Post noted that there is no confirmation that the next big “Halo” game will be “Halo 6.” Nevertheless, Ross threw a hint, confirming that the upcoming game will feature LAN support. The 343 honcho was asked by a fan if the game will have LAN support, and his short and sweet answer was “yes.”

Earlier this month, a screen capture of alleged marketing material for “Halo: Gravemind” appeared via Snapchat. The image carried some key details that left fans and enthusiasts abuzz. It featured the name of Creative Assembly as the developer, and displayed “October 10, 2017” as the release date. Interestingly, it also showed the number “6,” which observers believed to be a hint connecting the game to “Halo 6.”

343 Industries debunked the image through development director Frank O’Connor who tweeted a meaty message. “Fakey McFakeskins tell me oh, how does your bogus ‘game leak’ grow? With silver bells and photoshopped cockleshells. FAKE NEWS! #MHGA!,” O’Connor posted.

He also sent another tweet that read, “The Tom Morello barn leak is the apex of artistic leaks. It will never be topped for sheer frenetic madness.”