Halo 5 story, release date: game focus will be co-op campaign and more sociable experience; title is out October 27


Developer 343 Industries has shared that they are making their highly anticipated sequel, “Halo 5: Guardians,” more co-operative in terms of gameplay.

In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine via Gamesradar, studio head of internal development James Holmes revealed that the campaign will have four players all the time. Even though the main user opts to play alone, he will have three artificial intelligence backing him up in the main story.

He stated that the process began with the success of Halo 4, “We really wanted to focus on a much more sociable experience, especially in our campaign. And that sort of led us in the direction of building up the two squads, each of which has four Spartans that you can control, which would enable us to support seamless drop-in, drop-out cooperative play.”

Mentioning that they wanted to introduce a new character in Agent Locke who is described to be the direct contrast to Master Chief, Holmes said that will break down the narratives in the upcoming installment, “To examine the Chief more closely as a character via an external perspective or lens, if you will… One of the big creative goals that we had for Halo 5 was to bring that into focus and support it through the story.”

He concluded that the fundamental part of the design process has been flipped “where solo was very much the focus and co-op was there as an add-on, but wasn’t really embraced.”

Meanwhile, taking it to the official blog, release date of the Guardians has been announced for October 27.

In preparation of the launch day, they will also have a multiplayer content update that includes supplementary map content for Arena multiplayer, a massive-scale 12v12 Warzone Multiplayer and even possible REQ content and free 18 multiplayer maps.

It is advised that Xbox One owners have their Power Setting to “Instant On” to automatically download the content. While for those who will purchasing physical copies, it will update the game when already installed.