‘Halo 5’ receives major Warzone overhaul

A promotional image for "Halo 5: Guardians," for Xbox One. (Xbox official website)

First-person shooter game “Halo 5” may be two years old, but its developer continues to improve it further.

In an official blog post, 343 Industries announced that it is looking to apply huge changes on the Warzone mode. The decision stemmed from the lopsided Warzone matches that were one too many, resulting in an unbalanced gaming experience.

“Over time, the Warzone battlefield has changed as players have become more and more skilled at the game mode,” explained Lawrence Metten, lead multiplayer designer for 343. “However, not all of these changes have benefited all parties– since launch, we’ve slowly seen the Warzone ‘blowout rate’ (how often matches end in lopsided or blowout scores) continue to rise,” he added.

“The Warzone team is experimenting with some significant changes to the way Req Leveling works to facilitate more balanced Warzone matches,” Metten went on to say.

Some of the changes that will likely take effect involve the awarded Req Level in matches. There are looking at a Req Level “drip” that will increase players’ Req Level throughout the duration of every match.

Metten added that their internal testings showed that the matches became more competitive with the changes in place. He noted that there are “considerably fewer players stuck at low Req Levels over the course of each game.” Meanwhile, Gamespot reported that 343 is also busy with an update that will fine-tune 14 weapons and a power-up. Players can expect the weapon changes to take effect sometime this Fall.

Earlier this month, 343 pulled the plug on one of “Halo 5’s” multiplayer playlist. The developer removed Team Skirmish last August 3 because of the low turnout of players. With its “consistently low player population,” Team Skirmish also affected other playlists like HCS and Team Arena negatively.

As for “Halo 6,”343 said last June that the game will not be coming anytime soon. Moreover, they also said that will hold the details for now. This means fans need to be more patient in the coming months.