'Halo 5: Guardians' update: Latest update 'Hammer Storm' brings new map, classic weapons and two multiplayer modes


The first-person shooter exclusive to the Xbox One, “Halo 5: Guardians” has been getting tons of free content especially for its multiplayer modes. The game’s latest free update is called “Hammer Storm” which dropped last February 24, bringing with it a new map, the return of two classic weapons and two new multiplayer modes that gamers can try out with their friends.

On the one hand, the game has been viewed as a controversial one for asking its players to spend real money through its REQ system in order to get new equipment for the Warzone mode. Then again, its multiplayer mode is getting a lot of free content including 11 new maps that have been released in the game’s launch in October 2015.

The latest update also brings a new map called Torque, which according to a report in Digital Trends, looks somewhat similar to an earlier campaign featured in the game which featured “low-light hallways and wires scattered across the floor.” In the trailer, there are also moving pistons which players must take note of while moving around the map.

Aside from the map, two classic weapons, which were featured in earlier games in the series, make a comeback. One of these is a pistol from the game “Halo: Combat Evolved” which the report cited as “one of the best weapons in the entire series.” Another weapon that is returning is the Gravity Hammer.

The return of the Gravity Hammer also means that the update will be bringing back a multiplayer mode called the “Grifball,” where only two weapons are used: Energy Swords and Gravity Hammers. The objective of the mode is for two teams to fight over and get a hold of a single ball in the middle of a map. This mode was originally featured in “Halo 4.”

The other mode is called the “Fiesta Slayer” which allows players to get a random weapon upon every respawn.