Half Life 3 rumors – no third installment, say developers; fan theory thinks crossover with Portal could happen


The last Half-Life game has been overdue a sequel, but reports say that there might be no Half-Life 3.

According to KpopStarz, Valve’s virtual reality exhibit in the recently held Game Developers Conference helped spark rumors of an upcoming “Half Life 3” video game after it was observed that the exhibit featured weapons and items seen in previous Half Life games.

However, Valve programmer Jeep Barnett told Kotaku that what the company was doing was simply testing how stuff from the first person shooter (FPS) games they have worked on will play in virtual reality.

Barnett then added that it is not a confirmation that Valve is indeed developing a new title in the Half Life series, which had first catapulted the company to success in the late 90s.

“[R]ight now, it’s a tool for exploring the different kind of game designs we want to do,” the programmer explained, and pointed out that these experiments can sometimes lead to new games like what happened with the first Portal game.

The future seems bleak for Half Life 3, as even creator Gabe Newell told Polygon that it would be a “bad choice” for Valve to push through with the game as other games like DoTA 2 have been earning the company more money.

Newell said that in the report that they will only develop Half Life 3 if the developers at Valve express an overwhelming interest in the project.

This does not stop fans from speculating. Reddit user inexort even suggested how Valve could merge the Half Life universe with Portal, and create a new “Half Life 3” game out of it.

Inexort pointed out that both games exist in the same universe, and this could pave the way for Valve to develop a hybrid Half Life/Portal title. The Reddit user suggested that Gordon Freeman, the Half Life protagonist, could get his hands on Portal technology, from Aperture Science in that game’s universe.

“The final point is that he might get a ‘Portal Gun’ which integrates ‘Portal’ game mechanics in ‘Half-Life 3’.’Portal 2′ could have been a way to make people comfortable with this game mechanics in preparation for Half-Life 3,” inexort suggested.