'Half-Life 3' rumor: still no official word on release of third installment


There have been numerous rumors and speculations that “Half-Life 3” might be released sometime in 2017. Game developer Valve has not confirmed this and they already denied the existence of a third full installment in the franchise.

Giving fans a ray hope was Neil Druckmann, creative director and programmer at game company Naughty Dog, who tweeted in September  presumably in jest  that their company is interested in creating “Half-Life 3” because Valve doesn’t seem to have plans of developing the game.

Meanwhile, other speculations on the existence of “Half-Life 3” came about when what appeared to be a “Half-Life” file appeared in Valve’s other game. A file named “hl3.txt” was reportedly seen in a “Dota 2” update, as posted on GitHub in October. However, the file does not confirm the existence of the game. 

There have been other reports that Valve is working on a sequel after the release of “Half-Life 2” in 2004. To try to get things straight, a video was posted in July on The Know, a YouTube channel that focuses on video games.

The video says that, according to their source, while the game was technically in development at the time of the report, it was only being handled by about 10 people. Also, Valve was said to have been moving resources away from the game. This does not bode well for fans of the franchise, but the video explained that it’s probably because: first, Valve is making so much money off of their Steam game distribution services and microtransactions that they do not really need to develop “Half-Life 3”; and second, “game culture” and the expectations of gamers are so high that if Valve releases an installment that is anything but perfect, the company might just get criticized. 

Until now, there are no official statements yet released by Valve that they are developing “Half-Life 3.”