'Half-Life 3' release date update: Virtual reality title coming in 2018?


“Half-Life” promo image

Despite the game franchise being silent for almost a decade now, fans and players of the “Half-Life” series are still clinging to hope that a second sequel game, “Half-Life 3,” would be making its way to them sometime soon, regardless of how long they have waited for it to come. Now, the latest of the wildest rumors about the game claim that it would launch in the year 2018, and is alleged to be supporting a full virtual reality (VR) experience.

It had been years and year since “Half-Life 2” was released, and players were left with an empty space as the game was just abruptly halted without having any form of explanation or closure for players coming in from game developer Valve. Since then, there have been countless rumors and speculations predicting and allegedly revealing details about the highly anticipated sequel game. All of the speculated release dates and alleged details have failed, apparently, as the game is nowhere near to becoming a reality up until now, that is.

Rumors have it that Valve may finally be releasing the much awaited sequel game sometime in 2018, and it would be coming as something that the first two games were never able to be like according to reports, “Half-Life 3” could come, if and when it does come at all, playable in VR.

The first two games in the series were both first-person shooter games, and going into the world of VR may seem to be a proper upgrade to some, considering also the span of time that has passed since the first two games.

In other news, another “3” game from Valve has generated fresh talk in the rumor mill lately, as a Valve employee may have hinted on development work going on for “Left 4 Dead 3.” The rumors sparked from a folder named for the sequel game that was found in the computer of one Valve employee during a video tutorial session. The image was taken down and replaced by something not showing any “Left 4 Dead 3” hints.