'Half-Life 3' release date, news: game to show up on Steam unannounced?


It has been 10 years since the last “Half-Life” game was released by Valve, and fans have been waiting since then for the third installment in the gaming series to be launched. Over the years, the confirmation of “Half-Life 3” has become a running joke for gamers, as the franchise appears to be in limbo due to Valve’s lack of updates.

But fans haven’t lost hope as many are still thinking that the game could still be released. In a recent thread on Reddit, it was speculated that Valve might just release the game without any warning and that it could just show up unannounced on Steam.

One Redditor thinks that either there will be a “massively complicated” alternate reality game (ARG) to solve which will eventually lead to “Half-Life 3” being announced, or the game “will just show up on Steam one day and the internet will melt.”

Another commenter speculates that there might be no warning from Valve and if they do release the game, things will escalate at a very quick pace.

“I think if it gets released it’ll be very sudden,” said Reddit user wondermite. “Like there won’t be several months of trailers and teasers, it’ll be an announcement followed quickly with the release.”

Others have even thought about scenarios on various ways that the game will be announced. One of the scenarios involves Valve co-founder Gabe Newell, and Redditor JamesEvanBond said that he could picture the announcement going like this:

“Have Gabe come out. Simply stare at the crowd, and then hold up 3 fingers. Lights dim, then you hear, ‘Timeee Mr. Freemannn?’ Cut to the trailer. I would literally cry. Tears of happiness.”

It would certainly an epic move for Valve to release the game without any hype, as fans just want “Half-Life 3” to be launched. For now, Newell has yet to comment on the future of the popular gaming series.