Half-life 3 release date: Steam releases Valve RPG game that lets players pretend to be co-founder Gabe Newell and release the title


Fans who may have been waiting for any definitive information regarding the next installment of “Half-Life 3” may try to get their hands on the new game on Steam called “Gabe Newell Simulator” for the meantime.

The game allows the user to have the fictitious role of Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell as the protagonist as he fights off monsters and aliens that invade Valve’s building while exploring different rooms which may include a secret laboratory and even their own space station.

The description listed on the Steam page says, “Gabe Newell Simulator is a game for those who have always dreamed of being the glorious PC Master Race Gabe Newell! You can impersonate Gabe and help him in his fight against other companies and make the decision to release Half Life 3 or not, and this will have consequences in the whole world!”

Key features include some Easter eggs for more surprises, facial expression of Gabe and the power to launch or eliminate Half Life 3 for eternity.

The role-playing game is now available for Steam subscribers for early access at a reported price tag of $6.78.

Meanwhile, even after the release of the mysterious file included in the “DOTA 2” downloadable content pack update titled “hl3.txt,” no announcement has been made by the developer yet as to whetherHalf Life 3 is in existence.

The document is said to contain codes unrelated to DOTA which others assume to be a way for Valve to tease the highly anticipated game to the supporters while some speculate that it is possibly just a hoax.

Moreover, Daily Sun Knoxville reports that a Swedish website called 499KR has a listing for the game, with the release date scheduled for sometime before the year ends. However, the advertisement should be taken with a grain of salt as retailers in the United States have yet to pick it up.