'Half-Life 3' release date in 2018? Sequel to be VR ready?


The third iteration of the highly successful first-person shooter title from Valve that is “Half-Life” has been one of the long-awaited game sequels ever and there are now rumors stating that the game could be finally released just in time for its 20th anniversary which is a little over two years from now. It is also said that the rumored title could be virtual reality (VR) ready when it finally arrives.

The last sequel of the game franchise was rolled out to fans 12 years ago and it’s high time that the game developer to finally dish out “Half-Life 3.” Despite the pressure from fans and game analysts, Valve has remained mum for the longest time never giving the slightest hint as to whether they are making a follow-up or not.

Moreover, in the advent of VR gaming and with the availability of the necessary technology in developing such games, it’s now speculated by many that in the event that “Half-Life 3” comes to fruition, the title could be arriving with VR support.

Despite over a decade of waiting, there are still some fans who are clinging on and believing that the game developer could be unveiling or giving away clues at least about the game at some gaming expo or something to that effect.

Having that said, attendees at the recently concluded Gamescom held in Germany some weeks ago were rather intrigued by the massive strikingly-colored ad that was posted at the event venue that said “Half-Life: 3.” Nevertheless, it was later on discovered that it was just a clever promotional stint made by a German company which made some fans feel that they’re were being played.

Furthermore, the said exposition ended with uncertainty towards the game since it was still a no-show at the said event. As earlier reported, “Half-Life 3” could be coming out in 2018 in celebration of the game franchise’s anniversary.