'Half-Life 3' release date by 2018 in time for 20th anniversary of 'Half-Life'


It has been over a decade since “Half-Life 2” was released and fans have even started making jokes about Valve’s inability to “count to three” in the past few years.

Sources say “Half-Life 3” will come out in 2018, just in time for the game franchise’s 20th anniversary. Reports also suggest that the game is certainly under development since references to it were found in the files for Valve’s SteamVR Performance Test. This may also mean that the game will be virtual reality (VR) ready when it comes out.

As of the moment, Valve has yet to confirm or deny if the game is indeed under development, so gamers who have been waiting for so long will have to wait a while longer for the official word.

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell did say that the only way the company will work on “Half-Life 3” is if their developers feel the need to do it, so don’t expect Valve to reveal anything yet. Still, there is a chance they may work on the game soon since they are moving to a wider office which gives them more space to hire developers to work on several projects simultaneously.

Meanwhile, two German websites, spieletipps and GIGA Games, decided to troll “Half-Life” fans by setting up a promotional banner that reads “Half-Life: 3 Editors Who Played It Back Then” in German at Gamescom last month.

Here’s a look at the banner, courtesy of the gaming website Polygon.

Of course, the banner says “Half-Life: 3” not “Half-Life 3,” but that did not stop rumors of an announcement from flaring up afterwards.

Sadly, while it was clever, it also gave false hope to those who have been waiting for so long. The prank was actually inspired by an old thread at NeoGAF with the title “First Half-Life, 3 screenshots.”