'Half-Life 3' release news: is the game coming at all? 2018 release date rumored


Despite game developer Valve not offering any significant word or any word at all, for that matter fans have never tired of the rumors about the release date of the sequel game “Half-Life 3.” This time, it was reported to have a 2018 release date.

In a new rumor report, the game was said to be finally releasing in 2018. One of the major new features of the game was said to be support for 4K Ultra HD resolution, as well as possible support for virtual reality (VR). Even so, the number of fans believing such rumors has been declining as time goes by.

The last “Half-Life” game, “Half-Life 2,” was release way back in 2007. After almost ten years, fans of the game have never grown tired of waiting and expecting that a sequel would still be coming from Valve. Due to its history of making game franchises that only last for two installments, the game company has been the topic of a long running joke, getting cited that “Valve can’t count to 3.” Other game franchises of the company that abruptly ended with a second installment include “Portal” and the fan favorite “Left 4 Dead” franchise.

Aside from the ever elusive sequel for the “Half-Life” franchise, another “3” game from Valve has had its hopes for being released rekindled recently, as a certain Valve employee may have dropped the biggest hint and tease for the long rumored “Left 4 Dead 3” sequel game. In a recent video tutorial session by a Valve employee that was streamed online, the video capture of the employee’s computer showed a folder with the name “left4dead3.” This was immediately taken by the community as a direct hint and an unofficial confirmation that at least, development for the sequel game is not only a long running rumor anymore. The said screen capture from the video tutorial was soon taken down, and was then replaced with a similar image, but now without the controversial folder that made fans giddy with excitement. As usual, Valve did not offer any word on the alleged slipup of the company employee.