Gwen Stefani news: 'Make Me Like You' singer, Blake Shelton attend 'The Voice' alum wedding


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were seen stuck extra close last Saturday as they witnessed the whimsical woodland-themed wedding ceremony of country singer RaeLynn Woodward and Josh Davis in Nashville. The 21-year-old bride was under Shelton’s tutelage when she competed in “The Voice” back in 2011.

According to Pop Sugar, the A-list couple held hands as they walked toward their seats. While they were watching Woodward walking down the aisle, they were reportedly very sweet. Stefani looked ravishing in her fit-and-flare black dress that she paired with black fishnet tights while she wore her hair in a high ponytail

Stefani was also seen getting emotional when the country singer and her financial advisor husband exchange vows. The couple then gave the newlyweds hugs and kisses after the ceremony.

It seems that the pair are already becoming regulars in wedding circuits. Last January, Shelton also brought the No Doubt frontwoman to the wedding of his hairstylist Amanda Craiglist which was also held in Nashville. Stefani even caught the bride’s bouquet with Shelton’s assistance.

“Amanda threw the bouquet, and it hit Blake in the head and fell on the floor,” a guest told People. “Gwen picked it up!”

Stefani, who has just released her new song “Make Me Like You,” confirmed during her “Jimmy Kimmel Live” interview that the song is all about Shelton.

“I will admit that that song is about that guy, yeah,” she said.

Meanwhile, while on her way to see Shelton’s concert in Kansas City on Saturday, Stefani snapped a picture of an OK! Magazine with the headline: “Gwen and Blake Split!” She posted it on her Twitter account and placed the hashtag #airportnews. She then posted an all access ticket to her beau’s concert a few hours after.

Stefani and Shelton started dating in November 2015. Their romance blossomed while they were both acting as coaches in “The Voice.”