Gun rights news: Missouri family thwarts crook with Beretta handgun


On Jan. 3, a Missouri family saved their own lives against a knife-wielding stranger.

The Claxton family were at Rapid Roberts gasoline station at around 8 p.m., refilling their van, when a man attempted to enter their vehicle. Katie Claxton was sitting inside the van with her four children while her husband, Matt, was outside pumping gas. 

A man then approached the vehicle, opened one of the car doors, and leaned in while brandishing a knife the size of a machete, according to Katie’s own Facebook page.

She revealed that she screamed to her husband, “Matt, get your gun!!!!”

After hearing this, the man backed out of the car and said, “You’re lucky he has a gun.”

Her husband pointed his Beretta handgun at the man while calling 911. The suspect walked away along Sunshine Street while the Claxtons followed him in their van.

The suspect was “banging on people[‘s] windows and pulling on handles trying to get into people’s cars.” The police came and arrested him.

Police have arrested suspect David Middleton in connection with the crime. He has been charged on two counts of an unlawful use of a weapon.

In a probable cause statement, Middleton said that he was paranoid that cars along Sunshine Street were performing surveillance on him. He went on to say in the statement that the surveillance was ordered by his cousin. After a gun was pointed at him, Middleton claimed that he went to the other cars to get help.

Katie videotaped the arrest from afar, which can be viewed on her Facebook page. She claims Middleton pointed back at her during the arrest. He shouted that she had a gun and that she was going to kill him.

According to USA Today, Springfield Police Department spokeswoman Lisa Cox confirmed that Katie’s account of the incident was consistent with the police report presented to prosecutors on Jan. 4.

The mother of four believes that “If we didn’t have our right to carry, I feel like we wouldn’t be here today.” She also said, “Our Second Amendment right to carry is what saved our lives.”

On Jan. 3, President Barack Obama unveiled a new executive gun rule which allows health care providers to report the names of mentally-ill patients to a FBI firearms backgrounds check system. The rule is one of a series of steps Obama called for in January 2013 after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings. However, the action was not published until Jan. 3.

Current Missouri statutes allow for both open and concealed carry.

Claxton’s Facebook page, which describes the account, has almost 11,000 shares as of Jan. 10.