'GTA VI': main protagonist could be Ryan Gosling, following the success of GTA V


With the latest Grand Theft Auto game, GTA V receiving nothing but positive reviews and feedback, the game and the franchise in its entirety is undeniably a success. As early as now, fan wishes and speculation about the sequel to GTA V are starting their rounds on the Internet. Right now, there are already a handful of rumors and speculation about the highly expected GTA VI.

First off, actor Ryan Gosling is rumored to be the protagonist for GTA VI. With the speculated Vice City setting for the game, Gosling should be a good pick as the main protagonist.

As for the location, some possibilities have already surfaced. Master Herald said that it could be set on different US citiesor even the entire United States. Other choices are London and the Middle East. But perhaps the most interesting rumor is for the GTA VI to go retro in graphics. 

Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies hinted on the possible scope of the expected sequel to the massive hit gaming franchise.

“We’ve got about 45 years’ worth of ideas we want to do,” Benzies said, in an interview over Develop Online. “We don’t know what GTA VI will be, but we’ve got some ideas. GTA Online is the focus right now. There ain’t no rest between finishing V and then Online. Plus we have some other things stuff, DLC, I don’t know how to describe it exactly that we’d like to do, and we’ll pick the right ones.”

According to reports, GTA V has earned $1 billion in sales since it was released in 2013 challenging developers to come up with the next installment that could top the performance of GTA V.