'GTA VI' release rumors: Rockstar once considered 'GTA: Tokyo'; 'GTA VI' already in development


While the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise stayed in the United States most of the time, it seemed that the series almost made it out of the Western lands and through the Land of The Rising SunJapan. Unfortunately, this is not the long rumored upcoming new installment, “GTA VI,” as the game is already reportedly in early stages of development, though the location for the game has not yet been decided.

According to a report by Tech Radar, an anonymous source revealed that Rockstar Games once considered making a full “Grand Theft Auto” game that will be set in Tokyo, Japan. The plans for the game goes back several years ago, and Rockstar allegedly even started sending teams to gather information about the locals in the area, take images of the surroundings, and make necessary research for what would be needed in the game.

The plans dated back to the times of “GTA III,” and “GTA”: Vice City,” and at that time, Rockstar was reportedly serious about pulling off the concept of a “GTA” game set in Tokyo. However, the plan never got the chance to see the light of day, with the source citing the road systems of the country as one of the main reasons for scrapping the concept. Additionally, a number of series staples from brands to cars were in the U.S., and Rockstar would have a hard time moving the game to an entirely new location with a new culture and surroundings.

On the other hand, the source also tipped that Rockstar is already working on the new sequel, “GTA VI.” Since the game’s development is in its earliest stages, the developer is yet to decide on the location that the game will be set on.

Rockstar is yet to issue a statement regarding the matter.